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About me

I came into vaping by mistake, I never intended to give smoking up 8 years ago, I was at work and a colleague had a vaping device on her desk, So I had a vape on it, I thought this is better than smoking. so I through my cigarettes in the bin. i then went to a local vape shop and bought a starter kit, I cant remember which one as it was so long ago. I have been vaping ever since, Best thing I ever did, as I was smoking 40 a day.

When I started my vaping I was vaping a tobacco flavor with 36mg of nicotine, back then there was no TPD/TRPR. I am on 3mg of nicotine now, hopefully I can give nicotine up all together in the future. I will always vape with or without the nicotine.

If anyone watches any of my video, could you leave a comment, and give me some feedback, good or bad I can take it.